Residents of Pensacola, FL don’t need reminding that hurricane season is a real and persistent threat. Everyone here understands that and plans for the season accordingly. Most homeowners keep things like emergency supplies, backup generators, and non-perishable food items ready just in case a storm hits. Despite that, not many have a plan to prepare their home’s HVAC system to weather a hurricane. Here’s how to do that.

1. Lower the Indoor Temperature

The first thing to do with your HVAC before a hurricane hits is to lower your indoor temperature by a few degrees. That way, if you experience a temporary power outage, you’ll still have cool air inside to see you through it. Of course, you should avoid opening and closing doors and windows once you lower your thermostat.

2. Secure Your Outdoor Unit

Next, you’ll want to check to be sure your outdoor HVAC unit is secure. Tighten all of its bolts, and consider installing hurricane tie-down straps if you don’t already have them. They can keep your outdoor unit fastened to its concrete slab base when the winds pick up.

3. Add an All-Weather Cover

With your outdoor unit secured, you’ll want to take steps to prevent any windblown debris from damaging it, too. You can do that by covering the outdoor unit with an all-weather cover. Keep in mind that you can’t use your HVAC with the outdoor unit covered. So, if you’re planning to take this step, turn off your HVAC for the duration of the storm.

4. Schedule a Maintenance Visit

Last but not least, you should contact Bluewater Heating & Air to schedule an HVAC maintenance visit after the storm passes. Our trained technicians will help you to spot any damage done by the storm so you can address it right away. That way, you won’t end up with unknown damage causing you to lose air conditioning on the next hot Pensacola day.

Ready for Anything

By following the steps above, you can be reasonably sure your HVAC system will remain in working order after the next big storm. Of course, you should also keep up with regular maintenance tasks during the rest of the year, as well. Bluewater Heating & Air can help with that. We offer complete HVAC repair and maintenance services as well as indoor air quality solutions throughout the Pensacola area. Contact Bluewater Heating & Air today for all of your Pensacola home’s HVAC needs!

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