A heat pump can heat and cool your home at a lower cost than some traditional HVAC systems, but it must be working properly to serve you well. Your home’s heat pump requires a full charge of refrigerant for maximum efficiency, and it shouldn’t require topping off if the system is in good condition. If the unit is damaged, however, refrigerant can leak out. In that case, only a certified technician can fix the problem and get you comfortable again.

Watch for Performance Issues

A heat pump can operate for 10 to 20 years or longer without requiring additional refrigerant if the system is properly sealed. Poor system performance that leaves you hotter or cooler than you’d like is often the first sign of a refrigerant leak. If the evaporator coil freezes over, this is another indication that your system could be losing refrigerant. Perhaps the clearest evidence of leaking refrigerant is liquid escaping from lines at connector points.

Not A DIY Project

Only an EPA-certified technician can add refrigerant to your heat pump. Trying to do it yourself is dangerous, can create an environmental hazard, and may provide unexpected results. A technician’s first job is to find the leak and seal it before attempting to recharge the system. They will also test for a tight seal and optimal performance before considering the job complete. If the system still doesn’t work correctly after recharging, a technician has the expertise to find and fix any other problems too.

Get Twice-Yearly Maintenance

Regular maintenance can detect small problems with your heat pump before they become big ones. At Bluewater Heating & Air in Pensacola, we can check all aspects of your heat pump each spring and fall, including refrigerant lines. If we detect a leak, we can repair and recharge the system with a product designed for your brand.

In addition to working on heat pumps, our team provides repair, maintenance, and installation services for other heating and cooling systems. We also install ductwork installation and provide indoor air quality services. Contact us today to schedule a seasonal maintenance appointment or another one of our services.

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