If you’re trying to save money, installing a smart thermostat is a way to do so. A smart thermostat can save you up to 12% on your heating costs and 15% on your cooling costs, according to a Nest study from several years ago. While you can accomplish much of these savings with a programmable thermostat, those are much harder to use and take a lot more effort.

Turns Off HVAC System When You Leave Home

One of the main features of smart thermostats is that they turn off your HVAC system when you’re not home. They either track where you are through an app or have sensors in your home that can tell when you’re not there. This saves you the large expense of unnecessarily heating and cooling a home when it’s not needed.

Heating History

You can see when you use heating and cooling in your home through a history function on an app. This is helpful, as you can minimize heating your home at times when rates are higher during specific times of the day. However, you may need to pay a subscription to access this data.

Remote Sensors

You can place remote sensors in your home that connect to your smart thermostat via Wi-Fi. The sensors track the temperature in the room they’re in. If you have rooms that are too hot or cold, you can make the temperature in that room be the default temperature for your entire home.

Use the App

The app used to control your smart thermostat can be used to save you money. You can be anywhere in the world and adjust the temperature in your home. You can also change the schedule or view your heating history.

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