The best ductless air conditioner in Gulf Breeze, FL, could make your home a more comfortable place to live and for a much lower price than you’d pay with central AC. Ask any homeowner the reason for seeking out the best mini-split AC, and you’ll get a variety of answers. Some have an outbuilding, like a garage, that they want cooled, while others may have built a room addition and don’t want to bother with more ductwork. Others own homes that can’t support ductwork and use mini-splits to cool multiple rooms.

One advantage to mini-splits is that you can install eight air handlers before needing a second compressor unit. This can mean whole-house cooling in some cases. Regardless of how many air handlers you want, installing the system will be a cinch. Mount the air handler on the wall, and place the compressor outside at a maximum distance of 50 feet. The only invasive element is the piping for refrigerant, but all that needs is a three-inch hole in the wall to pass through.