Bluewater Heating & Air is the company to work with when you’re looking for the best ductless air conditioner in Pace, FL. Your family’s indoor comfort is important, and we can show you the right solution for more even airflow. Even with a great AC system installed, some rooms may be too hot to use during the summer. Ductless systems provide targeted cooling options for easier temperature control. Enjoy your home even more without adding more ducts. We offer the best mini-split AC installations and services for homeowners.

Staying cool in our hot, humid climate without the high utility costs is something every homeowner wants. Duct-free AC is designed to keep specific areas or rooms filled with cold air. These units allow you to adjust your comfort level as you move throughout your home. They’re perfect for cooling bedrooms, living areas, and kitchens. Our team is available to provide you with complete information about the benefits of ductless AC systems.