Air conditioning units consume a significant amount of energy, and not all of this energy is indeed clean. The problem is that there are two different energy sources for the air conditioning unit, including electricity and gas. And while the electricity may be clean, the gas is not always clean. We at Bluewater Heating & Air Conditioning have compiled a list of the top two ways air conditioning units contribute to pollution.

1. Source of Energy

A majority of air conditioning units have gas-powered engines, and this is the number one way that an air conditioning unit contributes to pollution. These engines produce pollution through the burning of fossil fuels and other greenhouse gasses. Over the next decade, gas-burning engines will become less common than electric motors.

2. Byproducts of Operation

Gas burning engines also produce byproducts that are harmful to the environment. In particular, the air conditioning unit can produce carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, ground-level ozone and other gases. These gases have a negative environmental impact on the world around us. Of these byproducts, carbon monoxide is the most concerning. It is a colorless, odorless gas that can be fatal.

Ways to Reduce the Impact of Air Conditioning on Air Pollution

It is essential for homeowners to consider the environment when making their purchasing decision of an air conditioning unit. There are several ways to reduce the pollution produced by your air conditioning.

1. Condenser Type

Condensers are the part of an air conditioning unit that condenses water vapor back into liquid water. There are two different types of condensers, scroll and reciprocating. A scroll system is more efficient than a reciprocating system because it uses less energy. However, scroll condensers are more expensive.

2. HVAC System Design

The HVAC system design will also play a role in reducing air conditioning unit pollution. The size of your system will determine the amount of outside air that enters the unit. The more outside air allowed into the unit, the less energy it will use.

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