You can cool and heat your home in one of two ways: with a single-zone system or a multi-zone system. Single-zone heating and cooling is probably what most of us are familiar with, where the HVAC system heats or cools the entire home at one consistent temperature. Multi-zone systems, though, can create different temperature “zones” within your home.

A Thermostat for Each Zone

You start by splitting up your home into the desired zones. A zone could comprise just one room, or it could be equivalent to one floor of a multi-level residence. Some homeowners will split it up according to what area receives the most sun exposure and heats up to an uncomfortable degree in the evening.

However you divide it, each zone will get its own thermostat. These thermostats will connect to the central control panel installed inside the HVAC system.

The Role of Dampers

After this, you’ll need dampers installed in the ductwork. These are blades or plates that open and shut depending on what zone you want heated or cooled. So, the blades will close off those areas that you don’t want heated or cooled at a specific time.

The Necessity of a Multi-Speed HVAC System

We discourage anyone from multi-zone heating and cooling who doesn’t own a variable-speed HVAC system. A single-speed system is meant to heat and cool a specific size home, and closing down certain zones will throw off its performance, create warm or cold spots, and stress the motor.

Benefits of Multi-Zone HVAC Systems

The advantages of multi-zone heating and cooling are easy to see. If your family members have different temperature preferences, they will be accommodated. A multi-zone system can also keep you from heating or cooling unoccupied rooms. You can save money on your monthly bill and avoid overusing the HVAC system.

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