Investing in an air filtration system can be a smart idea if you’d like to improve your indoor air quality. One of these systems can be added to an existing HVAC system and can continually work to enhance the quality of the air that you breathe in.

How Do Air Filtration Systems Work?

There are a few different kinds of air filtration systems available in the market. While there may be small differences in how various units may work, they all rely on the same concept; they draw air into their filtration systems, where they can trap pollutants, allergens, and other particulates. The clean air is then recirculated around the home.

Filters can do an effective job of trapping relatively larger molecules, including dust mites and pollen. These molecules can exacerbate respiratory symptoms for some people, so for them, it’s important that they remove as many of these triggers as possible. A whole-home filtration system will also typically use a network of fibers and layers of material that are woven together to capture smaller molecules, such as animal dander. There are some units that use ultraviolet filters to destroy certain types of molecules, and others may use activated charcoal or electric currents to prevent more particulates from circulating in a home. Smoke, mold spores, lint, fibers, and dust can all be targeted by these systems.

Choosing a Unit

There are many options available if you’re interested in installing a whole-home air filtration system. The biggest factor to consider is the size of your home. Plus, you’ll want to think about what type of filtration system you prefer, how effective you’d like it to be, and how noisy it might be. If you need any assistance in narrowing down your options regarding air filtration systems, reach out to Bluewater Heating & Air, based in Pensacola.

At Bluewater Heating & Air, we take pride in our ability to help our neighbors in the area. In addition to working with air filtration systems, we offer installation, repair, and maintenance services related to air conditioners, heaters, heat pumps, dehumidifiers, and ductwork insulation. We work hard on behalf of our customers and strive to provide quality assistance. Call for more information.

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