After you’ve had your heater repaired, be sure to ask questions. Doing so can save you money on future heater expenses and prevent your heater from breaking down when you need it the most during cooler weather. Keep reading to learn about the top questions you should ask your HVAC technician after a repair.

Why Did This Happen?

Ask the technician why you needed a repair. It could have just been normal wear and tear, which isn’t preventable. However, a repair might be needed because you didn’t perform simple steps to keep your furnace running optimally. Maybe you failed to change the filter as often as you should or you haven’t been scheduling annual tune-ups, which can prevent many problems before they occur.

How Was the Problem Solved?

Find out how the issue with your heater was solved. Was it a part that had a manufacturer defect? Was the solution covered under a warranty? Finding out how they fixed your problem can help you maintain your heater in the future.

What Should the Next Steps Be?

The technician can provide you with professional advice about what your next steps should be. There may be certain things you can do to prevent a similar issue from occurring again. They can provide you with advice to ensure the repair they performed is long-lasting.

Bluewater Heating & Air in Pensacola, FL, has expert technicians who are happy to answer any questions you may have about a repair. We have 24/7 emergency repair in case you have an urgent situation.

How Much Longer Will My Heater Last?

The technician can give you an idea about how much longer your heater should last. Furnaces typically last about 15 to 20 years. The technician can help you decide whether your heater needs replacing the next time it breaks down.

Bluewater Heating & Air repairs, installs, and tunes-up heaters and air conditioners in the Pensacola area. Our heating services include furnaces and heat pumps. Get in touch with us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment.

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