Air conditioning provides welcome relief from high heat and humidity in Pensacola, FL. Unfortunately, when your system develops a problem, your stress levels can skyrocket with the rising mercury. A nerve-wracking squeak doesn’t have to spell the end of your cooling comfort. The following guide can give you insight into this annoying problem.

Bearings Issues

Most air conditioners manufactured in the last several years rely on direct-drive or beltless motors. These systems attach the condenser fan with a set of bearings. Like the bearings on your car, these periodically need replacing.

Changing faulty bearings is more than a matter of cutting the annoying squeaking noise that occurs when the air conditioning is on. Running your air conditioner with poorly maintained bearings can damage the compressor, requiring more complex repairs or cooling system replacement.

Belt Problems

If you have an older system, it might be a belt-driven system. Before engineers developed direct-driven systems, air conditioning units needed a belt to connect the fan and motor.

Your air conditioner belt’s material can expand and contract, gradually becoming weaker. This wear is in addition to the normal wear and tear of running your system. Fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels can accelerate the wearing of your belt and the accompanying squeaks.

Normal Operation

Some air conditioners slightly squeak when they run. Many air conditioners will squeak if they have been off for months at a time. We get many calls from customers about this issue in the spring.

If you hear squeaking when turning on your system for the season, don’t panic. If the sound is relatively quiet and stops after a few minutes, the sound is probably from resuming normal operations. When the sound goes away, enjoy your air conditioning while you schedule an appointment for air conditioner maintenance.

Expert Help to Stop the Squeak

If your squeak is more than just a minor sound or doesn’t stop, it’s time to get expert help. We are a trusted name for numerous services, including cooling system repair, heat pump installation, and air quality testing services. Contact Bluewater Heating & Air for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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