Window AC units can come with their share of problems ranging from poor performance to dripping water. It’s time to ditch your existing unit and upgrade to a central air conditioning system. Bluewater Heating & Air Conditioning in Pensacola, FL, can help you have a more comfortable home with improved cooling.

More Convenient Cooling

Dealing with a window AC unit is a hassle, and your job gets more difficult if you have multiple ones throughout your home. You have to fit it in the window frame and hope you don’t drop it outside, and when you no longer want to use it, you need to take it out and put it back in storage. Upgrading to central air conditioning means no longer having that worry. You can enjoy cool air just by controlling the thermostat.

Bluewater Heating & Air Conditioning in Pensacola, FL, installs central air conditioning, and we offer financing to customers with approved credit.

Lower Electric Bills

Upgrading to a new, more energy-efficient central air conditioning unit could help save you money on your electric bills. This is especially true if you have multiple window AC units in different rooms of your home.

A Consistent Temperature in Every Room

If you’re using multiple window AC units throughout your home, unless you keep all of them running at the same time, some rooms will be comfortable while others will be too hot. If you have central air conditioning, your entire home can be the same comfortable temperature.

Better Air Quality

When you have central air conditioning, all the air in your home cycles through filters that improve your home’s indoor air quality. Window AC units don’t do nearly as well with cleaning the air.

Bluewater Heating & Air Conditioning in Pensacola, FL, installs, repairs, and maintains heat pumps and air conditioners, repairs and installs dehumidifiers to improve indoor air quality, and provides a variety of other services. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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